Tik Tok, Meta, Instagram, Google, Snapchat, Pinterest
PacSun was one of my designated clients while I was a Senior Lead Designer at MuteSix. I designed all their social assets throughout my entire time there from 2020-2022. PacSun was a multi-channel client meaning they had ads running on Meta/ Instagram, Google/Programmatic, Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok. I created both static and animated banners so there was a variety of creative to test. Working closely with the marketing manager, I also directed and came up with creative strategies to set them up for success.​​​​​​​
Even though PacSun is a well-known, established brand, I still had a lot of wiggle-room for creativity. I was able to experiment with my own creative skills, such as adding textures and grain, crumpled paper, stickers & tape, and even a polaroid (all shown below). 
Along with static banners, I created a handful of animated banners/ GIFs as well.

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