Creatives Offscript is the newly-released podcast from Assemble, a successful and multidisciplinary photo and video production company located in Los Angeles, CA. 

This is a podcast geared for creatives in the industry of film, photography, and design. Assemble features "no bull interviews and inspiration on how to grow your career, pull off the shot, or come up with the next big thing", as stated on the Creatives Offscript website

I had the pleasure of creating the cover artwork whilst taking on the creative direction as well. Being that this podcast is centered around creatives in the photo & film industry, I decided that lettering the word 'offscript' by hand will give it a casual touch, as if it was literally written off script. The best way to keep the lettering within Assemble's clean and minimalist design was to place it within a simple composition, including minimal colors + textures. 

All in all, a clean, yet creative design that fits within the industry guidelines and Assemble's brand.

Alternative cover featuring each guest

Dynamic quote card

Color options for final design, the bottom left was chosen as the final color palette.

Sketches for hand-lettered logo treatment

Runner Up Designs
Check Out the Creatives Offscript Podcast Below
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