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I began creating cover artwork for Parcast in mid 2016 when they started their podcast network. Parcast leads some of the most popular crime-related podcasts on iTunes with over 80 million downloads since its founding in 2016. 

Below is the full collection of covers I created for Parcast between the years of 2016-2020. 
I was the only designer and cover artist working for them throughout those years. I had built their entire visual identity from the beginning and so their podcasts were getting a lot of traction online.
In 2020, Parcast got fully acquired by Spotify and unfortunately, with that they moved all design in-house with Spotify. It was always a fun and collaborative project working with Max (co-owner of Parcast) and the amazing team. 
Whether it was a supernatural or crime-related podcast, the artwork always stayed true to their overall spooky, sci-fi theme. 

Available only on Spotify.

Final cover art for 'Traitors'
Process shot of 'Traitors' cover art- I actually printed and shredded the paper to get a real torn up texture.

Yes, that's some real photo manipulation there! One of my personal favorites I created.

First cover I designed for Parcast in April 2016.

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